Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants & Cafes in Japan

A list of organic, vegan, vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Mostly ones in Kansai area since I live in Kyoto.

Sujata (Kyoto, Demachiyanagi)
Offering a Japanese plate lunch as well as curry, soup noodle, etc. that are vegetarian friendly. Because it’s located right in front of Kyoto University, I occasionally encountered the students and English speaking people there. My recommendation is a plate lunch with vegetarian dumpling and ramen (Japanese soup noodle.)

Choice (Kyoto, Sanjo Keihan)
Variety of organic, vegan, gluten free menus. My recommendation is Tomato & Bolognese pasta with mozzarella cheese, which is made of vegetable instead of cow’s milk.

Miyama Cafe (Osaka, Umeda)
They have both Japanese and Western lunch menus. You can add all-you-can-eat salad just for 300 yen. Nearby Osaka and Umeda station, and very convenient if you are looking for a quick bite during train transfer.