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Focus on Design Rather Than Copywriting

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly they are startup related. Among them, Startups For The Rest of Us is one of my favorites. I always had a skeptical view about copywriting and thought of it having less impact on web materials as compared to copywriting on other materials such as physical brochure. This episode made total sense to me. I’m not saying words on landing page have no meaning at Read More...

Testing, testing, testing

This is my response to 500 Startups’ podcast Startup Founders Podcast – Special Growth Hacker Edition with Sean Percival. As Sean mentions in his talk there is really nothing special about growth hacking. It’s just executing series of user acquisition techniques that are measurable and repeatable. I agree with him particularly on the point that a word ‘marketing’ is used too broadly nowadays and marketing means something like PR and Read More...

Appearance on Revision3

Jay Adelson’s Ask Jay is one of my favorite shows on the Internet. Few days ago I posted a question to his show, which I always had in my mind, and guess what? He picked it. I would like to say huge thanks to Jay and his crew. Hope he will visit Japan someday so that I can meet him. Here is the episode in question.