Kenshin Fujiwara


Kenshin is a CEO at Hacarus, a healthcare technology startup based in Kyoto, Japan.

His career started as an engineer working on PlayStation development at Sony Computer Entertainment, and later joined a startup derived from Israeli Military. In the past 15 years, he co-founded several tech startups with 2 exits. The fist startup was acquired by Japanese public company, and the second startup was sold to the US company.

Since 2010 he relocated himself to Kyoto, and rediscovered the strength of intellectual properties owned by local universities as well as the richness of food culture that Kyoto has to offer the world. He was born in Shiga in 1976, and holds a Computer Science degree from California State University.

He loves all sorts of outdoor activities, mountain hiking and travel. A big fan of Eddie Bauer, Snow Peak and Subaru.