Kyoto Cross-Media/Creative Center: New Coworking Space For Anime, Manga, Game, Movie Creators

This is an article originally posted to Startup Kyoto.

Kyoto prefecture government and Kyoto city government jointly announced that they will open new coworking space designed for anime, manga, game, movie creators on Feb 28th.

The coworking space will be located at the cross street of Karasuma and Oike, 3 minutes walk away from the Karasuma-Oike subway station, and just opposite side of Kyoto International Manga Museum. The space will be called Kyoto Cross-Media / Creative Center or KCC for short.

What’s unique about this space is that the government will deploy 8 full-time on-site coordinators who help the creators collaborate each other, and 4 of those coordinators are actual professionals from anime, manga, game, movie industries.

This is very rare that a local government builds this kind of dedicated facility in an effort to foster creative content talents across related industries, according to the governments.

The governments hope that companies looking for content creators will utilize the KCC network to reach out to new talents, and that creators will find additional way to monetize their contents by organizing various match-making events and providing financial advices.

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