Becoming Japan’s Largest Rails+MongoDB Website Serving 6 Million Monthly Users

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Kyoto based startup Nota Inc., the company that operates instant image sharing service, announced full renewal of its website adopting Ruby on Rails and MongoDB.

For readers who aren’t familiar with the service, Gyazo is a cloud based service that can be used to cut the PC screen, and to share images and video instantly with everyone. The service is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone platforms, and it has 6 million unique users, 10 million uploads and 44 million page views monthly.

Nota Inc. has its development team in Kyoto and the service is currently operated by quite few staff. The company’s decision was to migrate from PHP to Ruby on Rails in an effort to operate the service with minimal number of staff, which led the company to new framework with higher productivity.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database which has attracted considerable attention in recent years. The company started managing over 100 million records (collections) using MongoDB from six month ago, and scaled & maintained it with very minimal management resources.

In hope to improving local startup’s technical level, the company will publicize these knowledges in the blog and other mediums. The company also made announcement that it will distribute internal tools and libraries as open source. To celebrate the first step, the company hosted a knowledge sharing event at KRP Machiya Studio on January 31st.

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