Event Report: Hack Osaka 2014

This is an article originally posted to Startup Kyoto.

This year’s Hack Osaka took place at Knowledge Theater at Grand Front Osaka, which is same as last year.

Hack Osaka is one-day conference with main focus on IT, hardware, and collaboration between startups and established companies in Kansai region. Keynote speech included Matt Webb, CEO of BERG Cloud from London, and Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble Technology from Silicon Valley.

Each speaker discussed a little background about his startup, how it started selling own hardware products, and the startup ecosystem in each city that helped him launch business. What was interesting is when Matt talked about how London city government played its role by giving the city unique name “Tech City”, started branding it worldwide, and transformed the city that had only 20 tech startups before into the world class hub attracting talents and entrepreneurs across the globe.

My favorite part was when our chief commander Yoshikawa san, Director at Innovation Osaka Hub, concluded the entire event by giving his speech in excellent English. He sounded like a real chief commander.

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