Becoming A Startup Genome Curator

I’m glad to announce that I’m appointed as a Startup Genome curator for Japan region.


While there are lots of tech websites and blogs talking about Japanese startup scenes, only few of them provide knowledgeable information in English. I believe the folks behind The Bridge are trying to change the situation and things are getting better these days than before, but Japan is still not an entirely entrepreneur-friendly country for those who come from abroad. I want to change that and Japan should do the same to keep up with other startup friendly nations in our neighborhood such as Singapore and Korea.

By creating a visual map of startup related institutions , organizations, not to mention startup themselves, and by making them available in English, I think it makes easier for people to get a grasp of local startup community that will be available to them when they are visiting particular city for the first time. I strongly believe so because I always admired activities done by Startup Colorado and witnessed people appreciating existence of the website.

Not only website like Startup Colorado makes it a whole lot easier for the first time visitors to reach out to basically anyone in local startup community, but also it could be a reason or a trigger at least for entrepreneur to relocate himself and do business there. In that sense, TechStars,  Boulder city and Startup Colorado are perfect combination, and they are doing pretty well.

I will start curating  the related information soon. You can access the map at my own website or Startup Genome website.

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