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Samurai Venture Summit #4

Startups being asked their experience going through the accelerator programs initiated by KDDI Mugen Labo & NTT DoCoMo Ventures. The startups on stage are Coromo, Eureka, and Pairy.

Samurai Venture Summit #3

For those who are interested in offshore development in Vietnam. Monthly: Programmer 260K JPY Bridge SE (shared) 180K JPY Bridge SE (dedicated) 360K JPY Hourly: Programmer 1,800 JPY Bridge SE 2,200 JPY Translation Service 700 JPY Tester 1,600 JPY

Grand Front Osaka

Visiting Grand Front Osaka for the first time. This is the place akin to Shibuya Hikarie, where multipurpose buildings are put together. A difference is the former is consisted of four distinct buildings and located in Osaka, and the latter is actually one 180m tall building and located in Tokyo. The purpose of both complexes is almost same, but Grand Front puts more focuses on collaboration between academic institutions and businesses. Read More...

Boulder Colorado Being My Good Teacher

Recently I had discussion with the team of Startup Weekend Kyoto and the discussion was toward when and where we should do next event. While there are lots of similar startup related activities happening in this region, I had feeling for long time that none of these individual activities were really connected. The information is scattered around various websites and places, and there isn’t a central place where we can get the Read More...

Focus on Design Rather Than Copywriting

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly they are startup related. Among them, Startups For The Rest of Us is one of my favorites. I always had a skeptical view about copywriting and thought of it having less impact on web materials as compared to copywriting on other materials such as physical brochure. This episode made total sense to me. I’m not saying words on landing page have no meaning at Read More...

I've come across this startup through Brad Feld's blog post. It feels like adding Gmail-ish search capability on top of LINE. Might be useful if I could aggregate outputs from all apps I use everyday. (e.g. LINE, Facebook Messenger, Skype.) kato