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Problems Are Not Equal to Needs

So luckily enough, our team won the final prize at Startup Weekend Kyoto. As a part of preparation to our future steps I decided to quickly summarize what caused us to stand out from others. While it’s reasonable to say turning paper into product is one of the most important aspects as this article on Financial Post points out and we’ve executed it correctly, I would say it’s because we focused on needs rather Read More...

Appearance on Revision3

Jay Adelson’s Ask Jay is one of my favorite shows on the Internet. Few days ago I posted a question to his show, which I always had in my mind, and guess what? He picked it. I would like to say huge thanks to Jay and his crew. Hope he will visit Japan someday so that I can meet him. Here is the episode in question.

Startup Weekend Kyoto

My first experience attending Startup Weekend turned out to be great. After I gave an initial pitch to the audience, 8 people decided to join me amongst 60 or so attendees. We spent exactly 54 hours to develop our product from scratch while having so much fun doing so. Lots of laughs, excitements and even pivots. On the last day I gave another pitch to the audience, including the judges Read More...