Visiting Nagano

Visiting Nagano to give a lecture about entrepreneurship for high school students. Had great a carp cuisine last night. Went out for a walk in the morning and felt like I’m in California. Definitely less humid here.

500 Startups Kobe Pre-Accelerator

The second half of the program is kicking off today here in Kobe.


3 Rules When Entrepreneurs Ask for Advice

Image by mars_discovery_district on Flickr As your lifestyle and family structure change, it becomes harder to allocate good chunk of your time just for reading books or diving really deep into someone’s thoughts. Despite I’m also facing the same difficulties, there are 2 podcasts I listen to every week for the past few years. Startups For the Rest Of Us and Mixergy, the former focusing on bootstrapped startups (the companies that are self-funded without Read More...