Hatsune Sushi in Higashiyama Kyoto

Mackerel Sushi at 初音鮨 (Hatsune Sushi) in Higashiyama Kyoto. https://tabelog.com/en/kyoto/A2601/A260301/26008864/

Yoshimine Temple

Hydrangea garden within Yoshimine Temple. Very proper way of enjoying a rainy season in Kyoto.


One of the best coffee shops in Kyoto. Order a takeout coffee and sit by Kamo liver, then you have a perfect weekend.

Compressive Sensing Tutorial

In this video, you will hear lots of familiar word like ‘sparse’ or ‘sparsity’. JPEG is also another application sparse modeling in a sense. Read a full article at Microsoft Research website.

Visiting Nagano

Visiting Nagano to give a lecture about entrepreneurship for high school students. Had great a carp cuisine last night. Went out for a walk in the morning and felt like I’m in California. Definitely less humid here.